About me

I was born and raised in the context of a post-communist society that had very little for a very long time and is now over-compensating. Travel has broadened my understanding of the world and from a young age I started pursuing knowledge about other cultures and practices. I enjoy telling stories from the places I adventure to and my camera is my go-to medium. Photography is a way for me to capture and chronicle the simple, understated beauty of places and people – of life. The understated beauty of being alive. It is a priviledge to work in inspiring others to explore and discover this beauty individually, in places far and near.

Work with me

My love for knowing the world, taking risks, learning and contributing allow me to have fresh and unique perspective of matters, which take my projects to new heights. If capturing beauty, adventure and authenticity speaks to you and your brand, I want to hear from you.

Within the worlds of content creation, creative direction and visual storytelling I also write, speak and consult.

Social Media

For collaborations on social media, I accept new partnerships on a limited rolling bases. These consist of sponsored posts on my website and channels as well as writing and media projects. I do not offer free promotion in return for products. If you would like to work with me in creating and telling your brand’s story, drop me a line at


Shooting for clients means stepping out of my reality into theirs. It’s the opportunity to live another story so that I can capture it’s essence through my lens. Whether you are a blogger, creative, brand, family or someone who wants beautiful photos of themselves, drop me a line and I can e-mail you the rates. I understand different needs and budgets very well, most of all I am looking  


In many ways my style of writing is very similar to my visual style. It is simple, captivating and emantes an enthralling sense of adventure and exploration. Most of all, it is relatable, people from all over the world connect with it.


It all starts and ends with education. The good can be advanced and the bad mitigated through education. I believe we must constantly educate ourselves to become better humans and role models. I believe in investing in and creating multidimensional, globally-oriented educational experiences for our children and will gladly volunteer time and energy for such projects, whenever possible.


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