To do for free in Santorini and Free Activities in Santorini

This summer, one of my couchsurfers Gigi, invited me on a spontaneous trip to Santorini. Just having come back from Iran, travel wasn’t on the schedule for the next couple of months. The more I thought about it, the more I was thinking of ways to pull this trip off. I packed my bags and set my mind to do and see everything on a 100 euro budget. Over six days, I explored beaches with black, red and white volcanic sand, climbed a volcano, drove a quad bike around the local villages, visited the vineyards and caught the famous sunset in Oia. All this without breaking the bank, so here’s my two cents on what to do for free in Santorini and free activities in Santorini

Budgeting tips
-Buy local produce and cook your own meals. This way you will learn how to cook authentic greek dishes and be able to prepare them for years to come.
-Split a quad bike with someone or walk. Quad bikes don’t cost a fortune, especially when shared and allow you the luxury of exploring the island on your own time and terms.
-Skip the guided tour. My host’s friend put me on one for free and it was bad – bus full of complaining kids, a rushed schedule, wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t in their seventies or older.
-Skip the clubbing scene, it’s awful. It really is! All the venues play more or less the same commercial music, the drinks are far from great and overpriced.

What to do in Santorini for free
-Walk from Fira to Oia.
-Explore the local villages on foot.
-Catch the famous sunset in Oia.
-Stay up with friends till dawn and watch the sunrise in Perissa.
-Organise your own photography tour and make a day of it. Inspiration here
-Get a panoramic view of Santorini from the sleepy village Pyrgos.
-Walk or drive your own quad bike to the different beaches.
-Snorkel in the crystal clear Agean waters
-Read up on the history of the island and create your own private tour of what you want to see.
-Hitchike! It’s common practice for seasonal workers and people who don’t own a car.

Here’s what I spent money on in 6 days
-1.80€ (x5) bus
-10€ sunscreen
-20€ groceries
-5€ fruit juice
-5€ boat Perissa – Kamari
-5€ boat black beach, white beach, red beach
-4€ bus to and from Oia
-4€ gyros
-6.50€ (x3) fro-yo
-2.5€ volcano tax
-25€ Quad Bike (it’s 50 per day including gas and insurance)
-3€ beach chair
-20€ birthday cake for my host’s birthday
= 119€

So that’s it, what to do for free in Santorini and free activities in Santorini.

Lastly, before you go, I want to draw your attention to something. Santorini is a one-of-a-kind place, unique on the planet and it’s incredible that so many people are able to go visit every year. The island is not being threatened by overcrowding and pollution issues, mostly due to corruption. Wherever you go, remember stay mindful of your environment and do what you can to support the local economy, environment and animals.

Have an awesome trip!

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# To do for free in Santorini and Free Activities in Santorini


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